What You Need to Know about the 2016 Tundra TSS

Tundra TSS BoerneStart looking at the various trims and options for the 2016 Toyota Tundra, and you may come across the TSS. Although information on the official Toyota website about this package is limited, it is very easy to find a Tundra TSS. The TSS is essentially an option package available on multiple different Tundra configurations that can take the appearance and abilities of your pickup to the next level.

Sport Series

The name TSS is an abbreviation for Toyota Sport Series. The Tundra TSS adds multiple sporty enhancements to the already popular Tundra. The exact features that are included will vary a bit depending on the configuration it begins with. Generally, your vehicle will get some unique badging, possibly including either “Toyota Sport Series” or “TSS Off-Road.” It will also get styling upgrades via custom carpeted floor mats, running boards, door sill enhancements, and a stainless steel exhaust tip.

More 2016 Tundra TSS Details

Finally, the package may upgrade the wheels to 18-inch Enkei ones. It may also come with 20-inch wheels and rugged terrain tires of some sort. Both the wheel and running boards are available in either black or chrome.

2016 Tundra TSS Availability

It should be incredibly easy to find the Tundra TSS, and your local Boerne dealership will have at least several models on the lot at any given moment. Our staff can also help you find this pickup. As the features show, most of the enhancements from the Toyota Sport Series package are aesthetic in nature, meaning that you will turn heads while driving around Texas in the Tundra TSS.

For more details about which Toyota Tundra models are available with the TSS package or the specific features included in it, talk to the team at Toyota of Boerne. Our Boerne, Texas, staff will help you get behind the wheel of your ideal Tundra, whether you are interested in a TSS version.