Celebrate Fall At Vintage Market Days

Vintage Market Days

Autumn is traditionally known as gathering season because it used to be an opportunity for people to prepare for winter. A long time ago, people didn’t have access to grocery stores and the conveniences we have today. Therefore, they had to make sure that they were ready for the colder months ahead. We may not have those problems anymore, but you still need to get ready for the upcoming holiday season. The best way to do that is by coming out to the “Gather” event at the Kendall County Youth Ag & Equestrian Center. It’ll be held on Nov. 2 to 4, and you just have to make it out. Every day that the market is open, you’ll be able to get in at 10 a.m. and keep shopping until 4 p.m. That gives you hours and hours over the course of the weekend to shop for whatever you need. This is what you can expect.

Vintage Market Days

You won’t just find anything at the Vintage Market Days. Instead, everything there is either vintage or vintage-inspired. That means you’re going to find some really unique pieces. Forget about shopping at the big box stores that everyone else shops at. You deserve something unique that speaks directly to you, and that’s just what you’ll find at this market. Vendors are coming from all over to sell their wares. With so many different vendors selling their goods, you are sure to find some items that go perfectly with your existing décor or that will help you create a whole new look in your home.

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Great for Holiday Shopping

There is still some time before the holidays come up, but you know how the holiday season is. You always think you have more time to shop, and then, there you are, shopping the day before the holidays begin. Don’t let that happen to you this year. You can get your shopping done early when you come out to the Vintage Market Days. No matter who you’re shopping for, you should be able to find some interesting gifts that will wow your loved ones. Then, you can just stash them away until it’s time for the holidays. Talk about planning ahead.

Now that you know what the Vintage Market Days at the “Gather” event are all about, you can make plans to attend – if you have a way to get there, that is. Make sure you have the most reliable ride possible by purchasing a new vehicle from Toyota of Boerne in Boerne, Texas. We have a set of wheels that is right for you.