Toyota Is Constantly Advancing Its Safety Testing Systems

Toyota Safety Boerne

Driving a Toyota around Boerne is one of the best ways to increase your chances of staying safe. After all, every single Toyota comes with the Star Safety System and almost every configuration has a rearview camera. Factor in advanced features, like Toyota Safety Sense with Pedestrian Detection, and it becomes clear that Toyota is an industry leader when it comes to safety. To remain an industry leader, Toyota constantly works hard to innovate. Most recently, this was by adding child models to its lineup of virtual crash dummies.

Virtual Crash Dummy Software

In addition to traditional crash tests, Toyota relies on software to give engineers an idea of how safe a vehicle will be before production gets too far. The Total Human Model for Safety just updated to Version 4. To make it even more useful, Toyota added three new models. These will represent children of ages 3, 6, and 10. The software simulates the injuries that human bodies will sustain during virtual crashes. Because it can determine how extensive injuries will be, it is a key tool for developing airbags and improving vehicle safety. It is even used for motorsports.

More on the Models

Before the addition of these new virtual human models, there were already three of varying sizes to represent adults. These included a large male, a male of average build, and a small female. The new models are designed to represent the average size of children at their specific ages. As such, the 10-year-old is 138 centimeters tall, the 6-year-old is 118 centimeters tall, and the 3-year-old is 94 centimeters tall. By comparison, the large male is 189 centimeters tall, the average-build male is 179 centimeters tall, and the small female is 153 centimeters tall. Just like the existing models, the new ones will be used to evaluate passenger safety as well as pedestrian safety.

You can learn more about the latest safety features available on Toyota models in Boerne, Texas, at Toyota of Boerne.