Take In The View At The Tower Of The Americas


If you live in the Boerne area, you probably see San Antonio on a regular basis. However, you probably only see it from one point of view. But did you know that you can get a whole new view of the city from above when you visit the Tower of the Americas? That’s right. This is definitely one of the most interesting spots in town, as it lets you get high above the city, so you can truly see everything it has to offer from a new perspective. Even if you don’t like heights, this is a scene you absolutely have to see. Check out what all there is to do there, and you’re sure to want to take a trip there in no time.

Visit the Observation Deck

Want to see a beautiful view you can’t find anywhere else? Just head to the observation deck at the Tower of the Americas? This is the place to be for the most breathtaking view of the city. It offers a full 360-degree view, so you can truly see everything in the city. This is also a prime place to take pictures. Whether you go with your whole family and try to get a group shot or you just head there by yourself and take a selfie, you’ll have plenty to update your social media pages with.

Have a Nice Dinner

When you have a happy occasion to celebrate, you’ll want to head to the Chart House Restaurant. The coolest part about this restaurant? It actually revolves as you eat, which means that you’ll get to see the entire city without even having to leave your table. Sounds pretty special, right? The food is amazing, and the atmosphere is perfect for a date, a celebration, or any other important dinner. This restaurant is something you don’t want to miss, so make a reservation today.

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Enjoy a Special Entertainment Experience

If you want to enjoy some entertainment while you are at the Tower of the Americas, you can go on the 4D Theater Ride: Skies Over Texas Trailer. This entertainment experience will take you on a tour of Texas and everything it has to offer. It’s a great way to learn more about the area, and it’s an experience that kids and adults alike are sure to love!

There are some local hot spots that you just have to see, and the Tower of the Americas is one of them. Be sure to check it out sometime soon!