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Tips for Loading Your Toyota 4Runner for a Road Trip

Toyota 4Runner Boerne
The Toyota 4Runner provides plenty of interior space for passengers and cargo. With some helpful tips, you can load this SUV to the max for your next road trip. Because of restricted space, people are often forced to leave certain items at home, even though they need them. With the... [read more]

2016 Toyota 4Runner Trim Comparisons

2016 Toyota 4Runner Boerne
Find out what sets the various trims for the Toyota 4Runner apart so you have a better idea of which one will be right for you. While there are four main trims, both the SR5 and Trail are subdivided into a base version and a Premium version. Keep in mind... [read more]

The 2016 Toyota 4Runner Is What Boerne Needs

2016 Toyota 4Runner Boerne
Think about your requirements for an SUV on your daily drives around Boerne, as well as weekend adventures, and you will quickly realize that the 2016 Toyota 4Runner fills all those requirements. This SUV is family-friendly and can handle off-road adventures with ease. It is affordable and saves you money... [read more]

What New Toyota Models Have KDSS/CRAWL?

Toyota KDSS CRAWL Texas
Read about Toyota performance features, and you will probably hear about the KDSS/CRAWL System. This is actually two separate systems that work together, known as Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System and Crawl Control. At the moment, they are only available on a handful of Toyota... [read more]

What Makes a 2016 4Runner a TRD Pro?

2016 4Runner TRD Pro Texas
Buy the 2016 4Runner to enjoy traveling off-road around Texas without sacrificing ride quality around town. If you plan on going off the beaten path frequently, then consider the TRD Pro model as opposed to one of the other trims. The Trail trim level also has some off-road-oriented features, but... [read more]