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New Year, New Habits: Tips for Success in 2018

Group of friends celebrating the new year with sparklers
If you'd like to be successful in 2018, you have to behave like a "successful" person. This means that you have to be organized, make plans, follow through, and monopolize your time in the best way possible. It's a new year, so reinvent yourself with these new habits to ensure... [read more]

Toyota Helps Teen Drivers in Boerne and Across the Country

Teen Drivers Boerne
Work with Toyota to keep your teen safe, whether driving around Boerne or venturing farther from home. Toyota understands that teens thrive in the digital world, which is why it is partnering with other organizations to create programs that encourage teens to practice safe driving and tell others to follow... [read more]

Avoid Pothole Damage to Your Rav4

Rav4 Pothole Damage Texas
Save money and avoid pothole damage to your Toyota Rav4. Whether you are staying in Boerne, driving around Texas, or going further from home, you should be avoiding potholes whenever possible. Hitting a pothole can cause an incredible range of damage, from simple issues with the tires or rims to... [read more]

Keeping Your Car, and Yourself, Safe – Car Safety Tips

You hear it all the time - to be safe with your car. But how often to we take a second to stop and think about the things we are doing that may not be beneficial, or may put is directly in dangers way? We've compiled some of the best... [read more]