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How to Find Good Snow Tires for Your RAV4

RAV4 Tires Boerne
Although you’re unlikely to see snow around Boerne, if you travel to places where it snows, it is important to have good snow tires. For your RAV4, you want a tire that grips the road. This traction helps prevent sliding, even in bad conditions. RAV4 Tire-Buying Tips Just as with standard tires,... [read more]

Is Leasing a RAV4 Right for You?

Leasing RAV4 Boerne
Most Boerne drivers will be very happy leasing the Toyota RAV4. The RAV4 is compact, efficient, versatile, and fun to drive with excellent features and a spacious cabin. Leasing, as opposed to buying, provides you with a range of advantages, including lower costs. That being said, leasing a RAV4 isn’t... [read more]

Features That Give the RAV4 a Sporty Vibe

RAV4 Boerne
When you get behind the wheel of the Toyota RAV4, you will be in charge of a sporty SUV that is fuel efficient and fun to drive. For the sportiest possible version of this Toyota, consider the SE trim level. The other configurations will still give you plenty of elements... [read more]

2017 Toyota RAV4 vs. 2016 Toyota RAV4

2017 RAV4 Boerne
Find out what to expect from the upcoming 2017 Toyota RAV4 to figure out whether you should stick with the 2016 model or wait for the newest version to arrive. There is still very limited information available, but we know that the 2017 RAV4 will be fairly similar to the... [read more]

Toyota RAV4: Top Adventuring Features

Toyota RAV4 Texas
Look at the Toyota RAV4, and you will see a compact SUV that is ready to take you on your next adventure, no matter where you plan on going. Between great fuel economy, a versatile interior, and incredible performance, the RAV4 is the perfect addition to your next Texas adventure. Toyota... [read more]