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Reasons Your Toyota Vehicle Needs Regular Tune-ups

Toyota Tune-ups Boerne
It may seem like a hassle to take your Toyota in for regular tune-ups or stick to your maintenance schedule, but doing so is more important than most people realize. Toyota didn’t create the maintenance schedule just to make money; in fact, it does the opposite. Following this schedule helps... [read more]

Avoid Premature Tire Wear on Your Tundra CrewMax

Avoid Tire Wear and tear Toyota Boerne
Drive a Toyota Tundra CrewMax around Boerne, and it is likely to take a toll on your tires. With such a large truck, the tires will eventually start to wear down and need to be replaced. While this is unavoidable, you can take some simple steps to extend the amount... [read more]

Maintaining a Toyota Corolla is Easy and Affordable

If you've been looking for a vehicle that has incredible value then look no further than the Toyota Corolla. Its low price tag, low maintenance costs and loaded features make the Corolla a favorite among drivers. It’s been the best-selling car in the history of the world for all... [read more]

Winter Car Care Tips

A chill is in the air and the weather is dropping in to the lows,  and we all know that the transition from warm to cool isn’t fun for anyone, especially your car. No matter how new or old your favorite thing on four wheels is, take some time to... [read more]

The Most Important Part of Your Car? Tires.

Are Tires the Most Important Part of Your Car?   “Most drivers do not know that the most important parts of any car are its tires. The tires have an enormous influence on the safety and performance of an automobile. While tires may appear to be simple devices, developing them is an... [read more]