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Put These 4 Refreshing Twists on the Classic Margarita to the Test

Refreshing Twists on the Classic Margarita
The margarita is one of the staples of alcohol, especially when it comes to Mexican cuisine, but where did it come from? One of the earliest stories of the Margarita dates back to 1938. A restaurant owner named Carlos "Danny" Herrera, who owned Rancho La Gloria in Mexico, created a drink for... [read more]

Ultimate Dorm Room Hacks to Organize Your College Student

Dorm Room Organize
When you move into a dorm room, it's important to stay organized. College students tend to need to cram quite a bit of clothing, food, and other items into a small amount of space, and in light of this, organization is key to fit everything inside of your dorm room.... [read more]

Don’t Miss Zilker Park Hillside Theatre’s Production of The Wizard of Oz

Zilker Park Hillside Theatre
This is the 59th year of the Annual Zilker Summer Musical! This year Zilker Theatre Productions wants to entertain you with their presentation of The Wizard of Oz. The Zilker Hillside Theatre's mission is to provide access to exceptional performing arts experiences for the entire community. This was originally created... [read more]

Join Boerne in Celebrating National Parks and Recreation Month

National Parks and Recreation Month
It's summer and the sun is high and hot in Boerne, TX. With it being warm and with kids being out of school, there are many activities available for those who want to help celebrate National Parks and Recreation month. So, get you and your children out today to go and... [read more]

Thai Something New! 3 Local Thai Restaurants You Need to Check Out

Thai Restaurants
Sarika Thai Café Sarika Thai Café is located on Waterview Parkway behind Compass Bank. The entirety of the restaurant’s 9-page menu is delicious and interesting. This restaurant is class and clean. They also have exotic drinks to complement your exotic dining experience. Their “exotic” options range from a safe new York... [read more]