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Geek Out with These Amazing Star Wars Gift Ideas

Star Wars Gifts for Geeks Boerne
Fall has officially begun to change the colors of leaves and make them fall blissfully to the ground and pretty soon we are going to be gathering around turkeys and Christmas Tree's to celebrate close friends and family. With the thoughts of joy, there can be frustration. If you have... [read more]

Why Board Games Are Important for Friends & Families

Family Game Night Boerne
Anyone wondering why board games are important for friends & family has never had the thrill of winning the last cupcake or besting the best monopoly player among your peers. Board games are great for family time, strengthening memory and escaping boredom on a rainy afternoon. Board Games Improve Communication Skills These... [read more]

Music Apps that Don’t Need Wifi

Music Apps That Don't Need Wifi Boerne
Sometimes people don't want to use wifi, but want to have a good music application to listen to now and then. We completely understand that! Here are three different music app's we found that function without WiFi! Qello Concerts Music APP Qello Concerts is an APP that requires a small subscription charge of $7.99, but... [read more]

Go Exploring: Caves & Caverns in Boerne

A Cave with No Name Boerne
The caves waiting for you in the Boerne, Texas area almost defy description. Some things, no matter how well written about, have to be seen to be believed. In the heat of a Texas summer, exploring what nature has done with these caves is as refreshing as it is fascinating. A... [read more]