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2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid Living Up To Lineage

High expectations come with the territory when you’re the maker of the first mass-produced, and now world’s best-selling hybrid car. Not surprisingly, Toyota has raised its own bar with the introduction of the redesigned 2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid. Toyota has taken their success and run with it, adding just slight... [read more]

2012 Toyota Camry Offers Great Gas Mileage

There are many reasons why fuel economy is important, among which is reducing environmental damage. This interest is reflected in the increasing production of hybrids, which have in turn made the fuel-efficient market more competitive. However, there is another place that fuel economy has an influence: our wallets. This makes... [read more]

5 Car Buying Tips to Save You Time

Car buying is a stressful process, and one that we’re always trying to make easier for our clients. There are hundreds of vehicles to choose from, and too many trims for anyone to remember off hand. And then you get in to the accessories and options…and it’s all too much... [read more]

5 Tips for Buying a New Car

Enter ‘tips for buying a new car’ on Google search and over 15,000,000 results are generated – it can be overwhelming. The best advice is to consider these five “S”s for achieving an enjoyable buying experience.   Situation - Personal evaluation: If your current vehicle is nearing 50,000 miles it is time to begin... [read more]