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Top 10 Japanese Collectible Cars Includes Toyota

Toyota Collectible Cars Texas
Toyota is known for making reliable vehicles that you can drive for years to come. As such, it should come as no surprise that many Toyotas last for decades when properly cared for and not driven much. This is particularly true of classic Toyota vehicles that are now considered collectibles.... [read more]

Plan a Boerne Staycation at One of These Hotels

Boerne Hotels
Even if you don’t have time to get away from Boerne or the money to spend on travel, you can have a relaxing weekend with a fun Boerne staycation. This is the perfect opportunity to check out those local hotels you have been eyeing for ages and unwind for the... [read more]

What Inspections Does a Certified Used Toyota Go Through?

Certified Used Toyota Inspection Boerne
Buy a certified used Toyota to get used car pricing with the reliability and peace of mind you expect from a new vehicle. In order to become certified, a used Toyota has to pass a rigorous inspection. For most models, this covers 160 points. Toyota hybrids have to pass a... [read more]

How to Really Tell What Toyota You Can Afford

Toyota Afford Boerne
Before buying your next Toyota, you should take the time to look at your finances and determine how much you can really afford to spend. While most Toyotas fit well within the average budget, some Boerne drivers will be best choosing the Yaris while others can splurge on the Land... [read more]

Be Honest with Your Car Salesperson: Tell Him or Her These Things

Car Salesperson Boerne
There is a common misconception that to get the best deal on your next vehicle, you want to hide information from the salesperson. In reality, being honest is the best way to ensure that you will end up with the right vehicle for you. Hiding information will only make it... [read more]