Innovative Ways to Stay Cool Without a Pool

Stay cool without a pool

As the temperature rises this summer it is crucial to have a way to cool down. A pool is an obvious answer, but what if you don’t have access to one? Don’t worry! There are lots of innovative ways to stay cool without a pool this summer. Here is a list of some of the best ones!

Ways to Stay Cool Without a Pool

  1. Buy some balloons and have an epic water balloon fight. This is a great way to have fun and get drenched at the same time. A water balloon fight might just be the most fun way to beat the heat.
  2. Grab your friends and gather around an inexpensive kiddie pool. It might look silly, but a kiddie pool has magical cooling powers that are necessary on a hot June day. A kiddie pool is a great way to keep cool this summer. Bring a piña colada and you’ll feel just like you’re on a tropical island… until the kids come splashing in and bring you back to reality!
  3. If you are looking for a little adventure while you keep cool then you should build a giant slip and slide. It’s really easy! First, go purchase a large camping tarp. These are available at most home hardware stores. You’ll want to drape the tarp over a slope in your yard. Once the tarp is laid out wet it down really good with the water hose. You’ll want to make sure the water hose is continuously keeping the tarp wet. Next just drizzle some dish soap or cheap shampoo over the whole tarp. Now it’s time to slide! This inexpensive cooling technique will provide your kids (and you!) with hours of good old’ fashioned fun!
  4. For an easy way to stay cool simply on the sprinklers! Running and jumping through sprinklers is a crucial part of being a kid in the summer time.
  5. Hang water balloons that have been filled up with water upside down from a tree or limb. Now take a stick and play water balloon piñata.
  6. Head to the dollar store to pick up some cheap water guns and sprayers. Split up into teams and have an all out water balloon war.
  7. Wash your car (or bike, or scooter). This is a great way to cool off and keep your ride looking fresh!

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There you have it! Some innovative ways to cool down this summer when you don’t have a pool. While you’re out having fun this summer stop by and see us at Toyota of Boerne. We would love to show you our great selection of Toyota vehicles!