Scion FR-S: A Test Drive is Worth 1,000 Words

The Scion FR-S Surprises Critics

“Be sure to take a test drive!”  These words of advice are well-heeded if you are in the shopping process for a vehicle new or used.  The test drive is the truest glimpse of how a vehicle will serve you down the road.  No matter how sharp a vehicle looks to your eye, only when you are behind the wheel do you get a feel for what you can expect. Case in point – The Scion FR-S Test Drive.


A recent article in USA Today described the author’s test drive of the new 2013 Scion FR-S.  He was surprised how the Scion FR-S out-performed the new Subaru BRZ.  Why?  Because both the Scion and Subaru are on platforms designed and engineered in a joint venture by Toyota and Subaru!  From shifting easier to a smoother ride to even looking better. The Scion FR-S was more appealing – opinions changed only AFTER taking a test drive.


You will find articles like this all over the web during your research phase. They fall into the “so and so says” segment of decision-making with third party endorsements giving their – key word – OPINION.  This is why you must take a test drive and before visiting the dealership, have set in your mind “how” to conduct a test drive that reflects your driving habits.  If your commute takes you down the interstate, drive the interstate!  If your route covers bumpy country roads or stop-and-go driving, the test drive is your time to see how a vehicle handles it.  Don’t be over-whelmed by the moment but instead focus on positioning of gauges and line-of-sight and the ease of changing stations on the radio when you are behind the wheel.


Good dealerships will encourage you to put a vehicle through its paces.  The test drive has to be within reason, but a good salesperson should inquire about what kind of driving your day consists of.  In fact, there may be a vehicle you are over-looking that better meets your needs – test that one as well.  The beauty of a test drive is simply this, you don’t know until YOU go.  How did it accelerate, handle corners, or react to a quick stop?  The test drive is where the rubber meets the road, and a time for first-hand opinions – which are the only ones you really count, right?!?


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