5 Tips to Help Maintain Car Value

You take pride in your car, but the daily wear and tear that comes with from the road can take a toll on your vehicle, and it's value. To maintain car value, follow some of these easy (and not time consuming) tips from Toyota of Boerne and Kelley Blue Book:   1)... [read more]

Scion FR-S: A Test Drive is Worth 1,000 Words

The Scion FR-S Surprises Critics “Be sure to take a test drive!”  These words of advice are well-heeded if you are in the shopping process for a vehicle new or used.  The test drive is the truest glimpse of how a vehicle will serve you down the road.  No matter how... [read more]

5 Tips for Buying a New Car

Enter ‘tips for buying a new car’ on Google search and over 15,000,000 results are generated – it can be overwhelming. The best advice is to consider these five “S”s for achieving an enjoyable buying experience.   Situation - Personal evaluation: If your current vehicle is nearing 50,000 miles it is time to begin... [read more]