Camry Regains Consumer Reports Recommendation

In October, Consumer Reports excluded the 2013 Camry from their recommendation list due to receiving a poor rating in the small overlap front-end test by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.  For 2014, Toyota strengthened the Camry's frame and this new frame received an acceptable rating when retested. All Camrys... [read more]

What Makes the Toyota Camry Hybrid a Good Car for Women

Many peoples lives revolve around their cars, especially families. Women use the family car just as much as men do if not more, but some women may demand a higher standard from their cars. When it's time to shop, they might have a laundry list of must-haves that reflect the... [read more]

An Overall Review Of The 2013 Toyota Avalon Hybrid

Proving that luxury can be economical, the Toyota Avalon Hybrid is pulling out all the stops, offering drives a fully equipped, totally luxurious ride with a money saving mpg rating. Revamped to have a new stylish body style, the Avalon is a roomy, comfortable alternative to the small-car hybrid market. The... [read more]

A Closer Look At The 2014 Toyota Camry Hybrid

White 2014 Toyota Camry
Toyota is on a roll when it comes to the world of Hybrids. Not only can it claim to have the best selling family on the market with the Prius group, but it also is enjoying tremendous success after the recent update for the Camry Hybrid. But why is it... [read more]

If You’ve Ever Wanted To Lift Your Toyota Tacoma Read This

If you’re hitting the road in a new Toyota Tacoma, you already know that it’s a pretty cool truck. Easy to drive, powerful and solidly built, it’s got pretty much everything that the day-to-day drive could ask for….except lift.   Whatever the reason, we know that there’s just something undeniably cool about... [read more]