How to get 200,000 miles from your 2014 Toyota Camry

Toyota has a reputation of making cars that last a decade or longer, so you can reasonably expect to get 200,000 miles from your 2014 Toyota Camry as long as you take the proper steps. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you will have to be... [read more]

What are the benefits of driving a Certified Used 4Runner?

2010 Toyota 4Runner San Antonio
If you choose to drive a certified used 4Runner, you will be driving one of the most popular midsize crossover SUVs available from Toyota. This is an excellent SUV for those who are looking for something that can handle off-road conditions as well as normal roads. 2010... [read more]

Toyota Tundra Flexes American Muscle

tundra madeinamericalogo_legal_rgb
Study Confirms Toyota Tundra is an American Treasure Let’s see, there’s mom, baseball, apple pie and fireworks on the Fourth of July. While you’re at it, go ahead and add the Toyota Tundra to that list. A recent update to the Kogod Made in America Auto Index lists the Toyota Tundra as... [read more]