What You MUST Teach Your Child Before They Leave for College

Things to Teach Your Teen Before College BoerneA wise man ones stated that children were like clay. Those who surround they mold them. Their environment shapes them, and they adapt. They are a reflection of those that have created them. With this basic knowledge, the city of Boerne Texas would like to offer up a short list of things that may be useful to your future college kid.

Teach Them About: Credit

It’s not magic money; you MUST pay them back for that homecoming dress. For the most part, many of us have gained the basic concept of a credit card through experience, but it is also vital that our children are well informed as well. Paying credit card bills on time and monitoring their credit score creates an easier transition into adulthood.

Teach Them About: Savings

Mom and dad are NOT paying for spring break. Throughout the college experience, a lot of “activities” need funding. Having our children save for the things they want can be self-fulfilling. By having basic saving skills, you may be able to eliminate yourself from being the proverbial piggy bank.

Teach Them About: Time Management

It’s ok you missed that party, there’s another one EVERY night. It can be quite distracting joining the campus life at such a prime age, but you could help with the transition by reminding your child that they are responsible for their grades. As a parent, helping your child create sustainable time management skills can be crucial for their first year on campus.

Teach Them: How to Do Laundry

Now, all that change in the jar has a purpose. Helping your child understand all those strange symbols on their clothing labels can save you a trip to the mall over winter break. Feel free to have them practice at a local laundry mat around Boerne.

Teach Them About: Cooking Basics

Let’s step away from the ramen or fast food at least once a week. Although the quickness of the microwave seems practical for a hectic schedule, it would be to your child’s advantage if they could whip up a 5 to 10-minute meal that did not come with instructions.

The city of Boerne believes in the greatness of its youth. No one gets it right the first time but being somewhat prepared for the future provides our children with essential tools that assist them in being able to step into the world with confidence.