Military Warriors Support Foundation Finds Jobs, Housing, and More

Military Warriors Support Foundation

For soldiers returning from deployment, readjusting to day-to-day civilian life can be a challenge. But returning after being wounded or losing a loved one makes this transition even more trying.

To help military heroes who have been combat-wounded, along with Gold Star families, the Military Warriors Support Foundation offers an array of support services. After all, it’s only right to help those who risk their lives to keep our country safe.

Military Warriors Support Foundation

Lieutenant General Leroy Sisco founded the Military Warriors Support Foundation in 2007. This nonprofit charity works to facilitate a smooth and successful transition for injured heroes and Gold Star spouses. The organization offers several programs focusing on housing, employment, recreation, and transportation assistance.

The branch of Military Warriors that’s received the most press is the Homes4WoundedHeroes program. The organization partners with sponsors and donors to provide mortgage-free homes to wounded veterans and Gold Star spouses. Last year, Toyota of Boerne worked with the program to provide Sergeant Toby Montoya and his family with a safe and no-cost home. This year, another wounded veteran will receive the same honor at the 2017 Turkeys for Troops event.

Job-Finding Program

Along with providing housing, the Military Warriors Support Foundation also helps veterans find work once their time with the military has come to an end. The CEOs4Heroes program connects veteran-friendly employers with those who are seeking work. The program has connections in industries like oil extraction, business management, communications, skilled labor, sales, and many more. The program is always open to connecting with new job-seekers as well as employers.

Recreation and Bonding

When going through a trying time, one of the best things you can have is a network of people who know exactly what you’re going through. That’s what Military Warriors hopes to provide with its Skills4Life program. This initiative offers recreational outings and peer mentoring for combat-wounded veterans and families, Gold Star families, and active-duty Purple Heart recipients and families. Activities include hunting, fishing, golfing, sporting events, and family-friendly events.

Reliable Transportation

There’s no denying that returning to civilian life requires a bit of running around. Between doctor visits, setting up accounts, school, and work it is important to have reliable transportation. That’s why the Military Warriors Support Foundation created the new Transportation4Heroes program. Combat-wounded veterans with no more than one vehicle loan are eligible to apply.

Turkeys for Troops

Toyota of Boerne is honoring all active and retired military personnel this Friday, Nov. 17 at Turkeys for Troops. Learn more about how to get a free Thanksgiving turkey by visiting our 2017 Turkeys for Troops event page.