Did You Know About these Hidden Adventures?

Hidden Adventures near Boerne Texas

Texas Hill Country is endowed with numerous small towns and two lane roads that stretch from Austin to the center of Texas. The hidden gems range from rivers that make their way through the cypress forests to lakes in limestone canyons. On the way, you pass through towns with German names such as the Fredericksburg and Boerne.

The Caprock Canyons

You can explore the canyons and multicolored sandstone’s that make up the cliff. People love to hike, mountain bike, ride the horses or drive around the 5-mile loop to explore the sandstone cliffs and rugged arroyos where the tributaries of the Red River source.

Caprock Canyons Hidden Adventures in Boerne Texas

Hico, Texas

The famous red cedar Boatwright, William Sonoma metal-smith and others like the violin maker and the ostrich boot designers all live and work in Hico. The founder of Wiseman House Fine Handmade Chocolates has his restaurant in Hico.

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Texas Coast

One of the amazing part of Texas coast you don’t want to miss is the South Padre Island; its sandy beaches, palm trees, and warm sea breezes make the area breathtaking. What an eye capturing scene that can be vividly admired from the balcony of your holiday house! Take a deep breath of salt breeze while enjoying the sound of the surf and seagulls.

Texas Coast Hidden Adventures near Boerne Texas

Residents and visitors to Boerne, Texas will be amazed at all that Texas has to offer. If you live far or near to Texas, you should know that a vacation in Texas is like no other; this is because one has a variety of breathtaking places that would offer not only something worth the value of your money but also suit your desire for a hidden adventure.