Interactive history at the Witte Museum

The second Mayan Number System, used for dating buildings and on Calendars, etc.


Looking for a big adventure with your precious little ones? Well we have quite the pitch! The Witte Museum is featuring a fantastic exhibit called, Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed.  Named by AAA Travel as “exhilarating”, this is the perfect way to excite the imaginations and prime those little minds with some insight of some of the most fascinating history.

The Mayans were one of the most sophisticated societies from our history and you will have the opportunity to speak like them and count like them. With various interactive stations throughout the exhibition, you will like you are actually in Tulum (where the Mayas ruins are located). Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed is going on now through September 5th! For more information and tickets, visit here! I hope you don’t miss out, this is certainly not a bad way to have an adventure and prime your kiddos for back to school!

Don’t forget to take care of that amazing new ride from Toyota of Boerne with free parking available in the Brackenridge Parking Garage on Avenue B!