Indulge in Boerne Restaurant Week

Boerne Restaurant Week

If you love food and either live in or plan to visit Boerne, Texas, in mid-January, then Boerne Restaurant Week is your kind of experience. From Jan. 15 through Jan. 27, you can dine out at several of the best restaurants in Boerne and dig into plates of incredible food.

Non-Profit Hosted Event

Culinaria will host this event, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting San Antonio as one of the best wining and dining destinations in the country. After sampling food during Boerne Restaurant Week, you’ll probably agree. All the proceeds from the event will go toward culinary scholarships as well as the Culinaria Farm, the organization’s most recent venture.

As for the scholarships that come from food sales during this event, they will help students interested in either hospitality or culinary crafts. That means that the recipients can get the education they want in both career fields from the Culinary Institute of America. While Culinaria has not released a lot of information about the Farm, it did share that it would become an epicenter of culinary education for students by using innovative technology.

Incredible Food and Drinks

During a two-week period, you’ll get to enjoy the hottest food scene in the city of Boerne. Because of this event, chefs from various restaurants get to show off their skills while you get to taste mouth-watering dishes.

The super exciting part is that over the past several years, Boerne chefs have taken classic dishes and have created bold new flavors by coming up with their own interpretations. By attending, you get to sample dishes not found anywhere else in the U.S. This event will be a food extravaganza. Not only will you enjoy what you eat, but you might even feel inspired to whip up something extraordinary back home.

For Boerne Restaurant Week, you’ll choose from a Tier 1 or Tier 2 package. Tier 1 only costs $15 for lunch and $35 for dinner. For Tier 2, lunch is $10 and dinner is $25. No matter which one you prefer, you’ll get a three-course meal that comes from a predetermined menu. However, don’t feel discouraged since creative chefs create all the meals at a price far below what you would usually spend.

As a bonus, when you eat out at one of the restaurants participating in Boerne Restaurant Week, $1 from lunches and $2 from dinners go into an educational fund and to help promote the wining and dining community. With this event, everyone wins!

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