Don’t Miss Hot Rod Nights And Halloween Bash At Soda Pops

Halloween Bash

Do you miss old-fashioned block parties where you would get together with new and old friends in your community? If so, you’ll love Hot Rod Nights at Soda Pops Patio Grill & Bar. These nights happen twice in a month from March to November, so there’s always something you can check out. However, a super special Hot Rod Night is coming up. The Halloween Bash is going to be the best night yet, and you’ll definitely want to be there. It’ll be on Oct. 27, so mark your calendars now. Here’s what you need to know.

All Are Welcome

You may only think you can go to Hot Rod Nights if you have a hot rod, but that’s not true. Everyone is welcome to come out and spend time with the community. If you want to bring your car, feel welcome. But if not, just stop by, have a few drinks, and meet new people. You’re going to have a great time either way.

The Rules

There are only a few rules you have to follow when you go to the Halloween Bash Hot Rod Night, and they are pretty easy to abide by. First of all, you have to be nice to everyone there. That should be easy enough, right? The other rule is that you can’t bring outside food or drinks to Soda Pops. Why? Because this celebration is free and open to the public, they need to make sure that people buy food and drinks. So, make sure you order a beer or some food, and don’t bring anything from off the premises.

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Live Music

Every celebration is more fun with some live music, especially a Halloween bash. Well, don’t worry. Soda Pops always has local bands come out to play on the patio. The bands are going to provide amazing entertainment. Who knows? You might even stay longer just to hear them play.

We may not be able to sell you a hot rod here at Toyota of Boerne in Boerne, Texas, but we will be able to get you into a reliable vehicle you’ll love driving all over town and beyond. That will help you get to every Halloween event of the season. Come out to see what we have on our lot today.