Go Green at Murphy’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade Festival

Murphy's St Patrick's Day Parade Festival

Some of St. Patrick’s life remains a mystery. However, we do know that he was the patron saint of Ireland. Born in Britain to wealthy parents late in the fourth century, Patrick was taken prisoner at the age of 16 by a band of Irish raiders who were attacking his family’s estate. He was taken to Ireland and held in captivity for six years. The exact location of his exile is in controversy, but he worked as a shepherd outdoors much of his time and was lonely and afraid. As a result, he turned to religion for peace and became a devout Christian.

Saint Patrick’s Day Tradition

Both a religious and cultural celebration, we celebrate on March 17th because it is believed to be the date of the Saint Patrick’s death. The beginning of the holiday was related to a day of feasting. Today, celebrated across the globe, the world celebrates with dancing, eating, parades, and lots of green and clovers. And in the great state of Texas, we are obliged to do everything bigger!

Why green? It is a symbol of spring and strongly related to Irish culture. And what about those clovers we all associate with this special day? It is believed that St. Patrick used the plant, which grows in the winter time, as a metaphor of the Holy Trinity.

Murphy's St Patrick's Day Parade Festival

Celebrating the Irish Holiday

Traditionally, unless you live in Ireland, it isn’t a holiday from work. But you can start and end your day at Murphy’s St. Patrick’s Day where you can enjoy a variety of fun family events including:

  • Dye the River Walk Green
  • Enjoy and shop at the River Walk show area
  • Listen to great music
  • Partake of green beer and other ethnic foods

Murphy’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade Schedule

Enjoy two and a half miles of River Walk parade along the beautiful San Antonio River. This grand parade is sure to be the highlight of the holiday. Fifteen decorated barges, including bagpipes, drummers, Irish step dancers, Kelly singers, former and current Irishmen of the Year, Alzafar Shrine Color Guard, Harp & Shamrock Society of Texas members and corporate sponsors. The Harp & Shamrock Society of Texas has been keeping Irish history and culture alive in Texas since 1966. The parade route follows Homewood Suites, Drury Plaza, Aztec Theatre, Hyatt Hotel, Rivercenter Mall, Convention Center, and Arneson Theatre.

Friday, March 17, 2017, Entertainment: Arneson River Theatre

2:00-3:00 pm     O’Malarkey
3:00-4:00 pm     Kelly Singers
4:00-7:00 pm     Mike Ryan coyotes & fox Ache
7:00-9:00pm     Celtic Comfort

Saturday, March 18, 2017, Entertainment: Arneson River Theatre

12:00-1:00 pm    Kelly Singers
1:00-2:00pm      Ledbetters
2:00-3:00 pm     Tennessee Valley Authority/Fire On the Mountain
4:00-5:00 pm     Tennessee Valley Authority & Parade
5:00-6:00 pm      Inishfree Irish Dancers
6:00-9:00 pm      Rod and Tommy RTFM

Scope out your favorite spot and be prepared for the time of your life! After a short 30 to 40-minute drive from Boerne, Texas, you’ll be glad you made the trip for these exciting events and a memorable family fun day. We’ve been celebrating together since 1968, and we can’t wait to see you there! So be sure to hop into your Toyota vehicle and travel to these exciting events.


Hint: Think you might see a Leprechaun or two? If you do, never break eye contact with the little mischief maker because he will disappear and we’ll never find his secret pot of gold!