Go Exploring: Caves & Caverns in Boerne

A Cave with No Name Boerne
The caves waiting for you in the Boerne, Texas area almost defy description. Some things, no matter how well written about, have to be seen to be believed. In the heat of a Texas summer, exploring what nature has done with these caves is as refreshing as it is fascinating.

A Cave With No Name

The Cave Without a Name actually is the true name of these beautiful caverns. Not many people even realized they were there until three local children “rediscovered” the entrance at a sinkhole in 1935. A statewide competition was held by the owner to come up with a name, and when a small boy said the cave “was too beautiful to have a name” it won him the $250 prize. A steady 66 degrees all year long, exploring the magic inside this cave should be at the top of your “do” list.
A Cave with No Name Boerne

Cascade Caverns – The Beauty Beneath Your Feet

Rain or shine, weather won’t keep you from enjoying a visit to the Cascade Caverns. Known as a “living cavern” because water still falls on many of the rock formations, they continue to evolve into something even more magnificent with every drop. Touring Cascade Caverns is the kind of jaw-dropping experience you’ll never forget. You will definitely want your camera when you see the 100 foot waterfall this awesome cave has to show you.

No Need To Rush Your Visit

Both the “Cave Without a Name”, and “Cascade Caverns” have been here since long before man moved onto the land, and they aren’t going anywhere. When it comes to the truly majestic things you’ll see in either cave, this is something you want to take your time with. Many people are return visitors because every time you think you’ve seen all they have to offer, you discover something you missed on your last visit!

There’s something about caves that can bring out the “little kid” in all of us. That sense of adventure only gets more intense the further underground you go. They are so huge, even those who normally don’t like enclosed places will risk it just to see it for themselves. Come visit the caves, and let the fun begin!

No matter which cave you decide to visit, Toyota of Boerne can provide a means to get there!