Get Back to Nature with the Boerne City Park

Picnic basket and blanket on green grass in park

Do you need to escape the hustle and the bustle of the city? Maybe you are tired of the daily commute to work or you are sick of hearing street noises when you sit on your front porch. Whatever the case may be, Boerne City Park will provide you with the escape that you need.

About the Park

Situated on 125 acres, Boerne City Park is tucked away from the noise of the city. It shares a border with the picturesque Cibolo Creek. Stroll down to the creek and enjoy the cypress-lined banks. You can relax and let the stress melt away while looking at these gorgeous trees.

The park is also home to picnic areas. Pack a lunch and grab a spot under the pavilion so you can share a meal with your family. The picnic areas are surrounded by green spaces and trees, so it will be easy to relax while eating.

The playground equipment is also a hit with families. Your kids will love going down slides and playing on the rest of the equipment while the adults relax. They will burn off all of their excess energy, so when you take them home, they will be ready to relax for a bit. That will give you a huge break as a parent.

Boerne City Park also has athletic fields. You can test your skills on the tennis courts or help your kids work on their footwork on the soccer fields. Don’t be afraid to show them your skills as well. You can school them on soccer while having some fun family time.

Park Location and Hours

The park is located at 106 City Park Road, and it is open every day from 5 AM until midnight. Consider going later in the day so you can take in a sunset before heading back home.

Boerne City Park offers a nice respite from the city, but it doesn’t provide the only option for relaxing. You can also relax in a new vehicle from Toyota of Boerne in Boerne, Texas. When you have a reliable vehicle that is full of features, you will feel more relaxed than you have in years.