Fall Activities To Enjoy With The Family


Now that fall is finally in the air, you are probably looking for some fun activities you can do with your family. However, for those who are on a tight budget, really finding the best activities can be a struggle. You don’t want to have to spend too much money, especially at this time of year. Therefore, you really need to think about what you can do to have a good time without breaking the bank. Luckily, there are all kinds of fun activities you can partake in if you just know where to look. Check out these simple family-friendly activities that are perfect for fall, and you’ll be having fun in no time at all!

Go for a Hike

Sure, you may be able to go for a hike at any point in the year, but hiking when the weather is nice and cool is just about as good as it gets when you want to spend time with nature. If you live in the Boerne area, there are plenty of places where you can get out and enjoy nature to the fullest. Whether you want to just go out for a few hours or you actually want to camp, you are in for a real treat when you slow down and take some time with nature. Not only is it a lot of fun, but it’s also good for your physical and mental health as well! What could be better than that?

Visit an Apple Orchard

It’s finally apple season, which means that you can go visit an apple orchard. When you do, you will learn about how apples are grown and which varieties are in season when. Then you’ll be able to pick your apples as well. You can take them home and make several different recipes with them, from apple cider to an apple pie. Hey, even if you’re not into cooking or baking, you can always eat them on their own as a sweet treat. This activity is fun and inexpensive.

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Have a Picnic

When the weather starts to get that crisp in the air but you can still enjoy the warm sun beating down on you, then it’s the perfect time to have a picnic. This shouldn’t cost you more than a typical lunch at home. Just pick meals that are easy to take on the go, and head to your local park. Set up at a park bench or bring a blanket so you can comfortably sit on the ground.