Explore Hundreds of Quilts at the Hauptstrasse Quiltfest

Hauptstrasse Quiltfest Boerne

Quilting is almost a rite of passage in some communities and families. If you have ever saved fabrics and cut shapes and squares and helped assemble them into a pattern then you understand the practice of quilting. It is more than just sewing a pretty bed cover. It is an art, a social occasion and creates a personal interaction with family and friends drawn to a common goal – to preserve memories. Each person has his or her own style and even sewing and stitching techniques. This is what makes the quilt so memorable. If you receive a quilt as a gift from a friend or family member you can be sure it was made with love and care. Many families gather periodically to work on quilts to give to as wedding gifts, to welcome a new baby or celebrate a special occasion. If you are lucky enough to have one of these precious quilts, cherish and care for it and pass it on. Properly cared for, quilts can last for many years.

Hauptstrasse Quiltfest in Boerne

In order to appreciate the true beauty and relevance of this skill, go to the Hauptstrasse Quiltfest in Boerne, Texas on May 6, 2017. Displays will be on the Downtown Plaza and on Main Street. Stroll around and enjoy looking at the different styles, colors, and varieties. Talk to the vendors to learn more about their products as you browse and shop from the many items that have been made by hand and with love and care. Admission and event programs are free, and the Quiltfest will run from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm.

There will be special displays for Antique Quilts (Quilts that are 50 years or older), Patriotic Quilts (with an American theme) and Modern Quilts. Make sure you check out these amazing special displays as well as the general displays and variety of vendor booths as you browse Quiltfest. Make sure you enjoy lunch at one of Downtown Boerne’s amazing eateries while you are in the area!