Experience it all at The Taste of Boerne!

Taste of Boerne

If you are a Boerne, Texas resident or live in the vicinity, try out The Taste of Boerne. This location offers you the ultimate fun package with a variety of activities for friends and family. It is also the place to be if you want to try out a variety of delicacies, recreation activities or to relax.

The Home of Fun Activities

Fun and games are probably the best activities for family members and friends visiting the park. You have a variety of gaming activities to choose from. A common option is sand volleyball. In this case, you can engage in open play, league games, or tournaments depending on what best suits your taste. Open play is suitable for a large number of players, and it usually works well for family members or a large group of friends. The game is also available on three levels: competitive, advanced and recreational. The open play charges are $3 during weekdays and $6 for weekends. If you don’t like games you can enjoy the live music, amazing karaoke events are also available.

Food and Beverages

When friends or families go out together, dining can be a great way to bond. The Taste of Boerne gives you the ideal dining experience with an inexhaustible menu in place. Starters like chips and queso will only cost you $5, while in-house combos cost between $8 and $10. You will also find burgers, hot dogs, and chicken breast nuggets for kids. The menu caters to guests of all ages. A variety of drinks is also available at affordable rates. Teas, canned beers, premium drafts, juices, wines, and margaritas are all exclusively available.

Event Calendar and Booking

The park is open all week long, but you can refer to their website for special events slated for particular dates. The facility is also ideal for various events including promotion parties, birthday parties, company parties, trade shows, anniversary commemorations and reunions among others. Groups of any sizes can also be accommodated.

The Taste of Boerne is the ideal location for all events ranging from simple family fun times to big events like wedding receptions. The facility offers a holistic service package all in one location. The charges are also quite affordable. Travel to The Taste of Boerne in a quality vehicle from Toyota of Boerne, today!