Easy and Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas

Sometimes Halloween calls for more costume work than you have the time or money for. Luckily, there are options for you to choose from that are both quick and cheap! All of these costumes are sure fire ways to cheaply make them and still get compliments on how good they are.

Stick FigureBoerne Stick Figure

Probably the most simple is the stick figure outfit. Simply wear all white and use black electric tape to turn yourself into a stick figure! People will love this outfit.


Cut up a cheap umbrella from the dollar store and you have an oversized bat. Wear all black to complete this outfit.


Cut holes in a cardboard box and fill them with some Tupperware bowls for the perfect Lego outfit.

Fork in the road boerneFork in the Road

Attach strips of white felt down the middle of a black t shirt and tape a plastic fork in the middle of them. This is a clever and cheap way to make a costume!

404 Error

This simple and clever costume only requires a white t-shirt and a sharpie. Get lots of laughs when you wear this 404 error shirt!

Ceiling Fan

Show your support for the ceiling by dressing up as a ceiling fan! Go Ceiling!


Bring out a yellow shirt and some construction paper, and you’ve got the game of operation! Don’t forget the red nose.

Fantasy Footballfantasy football boerne

All you need is a robe, beard, helmet, and staff to become this wonderful rendition of fantasy football. It may be a stretch, but with explanation you’ll have people laughing.

50 Shades of Grey

Throw together some paint samples of the blandest color, and you’re a bestselling novel.

A Penny

Gather some cardboard and spray paint it copper to go as a United States penny. Abraham Lincoln never looked so good!

Have the Best Costume at the Party

These costumes may be easy and cheap to put together, but the cleverness behind them will for sure have everyone laughing. You will be the center of attention. Don’t forget to also come into Toyota of Boerne this Halloween to take care of all your Toyota needs!