Choosing a Certified Used Toyota Camry

toyota camry used 2011

Shopping for a certified used Toyota Camry can be one of the most pleasant car-buying experiences. The Camry is a jewel in Toyota’s impressive sedan collection. As one of the safest cars on the road, finding the right one for your needs will be a breeze.

Test Drive

One of the most obvious ways to find the right car is to get behind the wheel. Test drive a Camry to get to know the car. Try different years and makes with different features to learn which one works for you. Take this time to explore, asking the dealer questions about the car and learning any information you should know. Brief a relative or close friend on the information you’ve researched and what you’re looking for, then take them along to ride with you so you can get their opinion too.

Dealership or Manufacturer

Learn about the certification of the Camry you consider. Some certified used vehicles get their mark of approval from the dealership, while others can get theirs directly from the manufacturer. Both come with their benefits, so it is important to check the differences to see which car would be right for you.

The manufacturer-certified Toyota typically goes through a stricter testing process. It will have to uphold many of the same standards a brand new vehicle would. In addition, the manufacturer may offer certain features like roadside assistance in the event of an accident. In some cases the warranty may last longer than what the dealership can offer.

A dealer-certified used Camry could come at a better price. Many of these vehicles have a reduced price tag and offer similar perks to a manufacturer-certified car. The warranty from the dealer may be more extensive and better suited to the area you will be driving the car. Most dealerships throw in extra features such as free oil changes or a loaner vehicle.

Read the Inspection Report

Once you have decided on the year and edition you want, do a little digging on the options presented to you. Ask to see the inspection report for the car you’re interested in. By law, it is your right to know every bit of information about what’s happened to the vehicle while in the former owner’s possession. You can also do this by checking the vehicle identification number (VIN) to make sure it matches the one on the inspection report.

By staying well-informed, the choice becomes natural. Finding a Toyota to meet your needs will be a positive experience. At Toyota of Boerne, there are plenty of reliable cars to choose from.