Check Out What Movies are Playing in Theaters this Month

Group of friends watching movies in a theater

Are you a movie fanatic? Luckily for you, there are multiple movies scheduled to hit the big screen this month. Check out this list of film releases and plan a visit to a nearby theater, today!

Thor: Ragnarok

Action: Rated PG13

In this film, Thor is imprisoned, far away from home and with no defense. Meanwhile, his home is threatened and in danger, and he must race against time to make it back and stop the destruction. Oh, and to make matters worse, he must battle his former ally, The Incredible Hulk, along the way. Will Thor and the Asgardian civilization survive?

The Star

Animation: Rated PG

The Star chronicles the story of a brave donkey named Bo who desires to have a better life. Bo breaks free, leaves his village, and sets out on a journey that provides the adventure of a lifetime. Along the way, he meets other animals who join him on his adventure – a sheep, a dove, three camels, and other stable animals. Little do they know, their journey makes them part of “the greatest story ever told” — the world’s very first Christmas.

Justice League

Action: Rated PG13

In this action-packed film, Batman and Wonder Woman work together to develop a team of metahumans who will fight and stand against the great enemy who threatens them. The duo teams up with Aquaman, The Flash, and Cyborg, resulting in a heroic dream team. Surely, with their power and strength banded together, they can save the planet from its terrible fate – right?


Animation: Rated PG

Dreaming big is part of who Miguel is. In Coco, you’ll immediately see that he dreams of becoming a star in the music field. To make his dream come true, Miguel goes on a journey to prove his talent. While travelling, he finds himself in the Land of the Dead and meets up with Hector. The duo digs deep to uncover the truth about Miguel’s family history, and discover secrets that they never dreamed they’d find.

Murder on the Orient Express

Drama: Rated PG13

A lavish train ride through Europe suddenly turns into a suspenseful murder-mystery in this film. Based on the novel by best-selling author Agatha Christie, this film peers into a story of thirteen stranded strangers who are now all suspects in a murder that just occurred on the train. Who committed the crime? Will the culprit be caught before they strike again?

Daddy’s Home 2

Comedy: Rated PG13

In this comedic film, two parents, father and stepfather, strive to set the best examples for their shared children. However, their newfound partnership is tested when both of their parents come to town for Christmas. Watch how the story unfolds as their parenting styles collide and their partnership is tested by the ones that they love. Will they be able to overcome this trial for the sake of keeping the family together?


You don’t want to miss these exciting movies that are hitting the theaters this month. So, hop into a vehicle from Toyota of Boerne and head out to the theater nearest you, today!