Head Down Under At Cascade Caverns

Cascade Caverns

It’s no secret that Texas Hill Country has plenty of natural beauty waiting to be discovered. What is less well known, however, is that not all of that beauty lies in plain sight. Some of it is far below the surface. Take Cascade Caverns, for example. This hidden treasure is one of Boerne’s most breathtaking contributions to the natural wonders of Hill Country, and you can see it for yourself on a guided one-hour tour that takes you deep into the underground caves to learn and admire.

What Lies Beneath

Cascade Caverns is a natural formation millions of years in the making. It was declared a Texas Historical Site because of its historical, geological, and archaeological significance, and a visit here is memorable and awe-inspiring. Marvel over the “Diamond Ceiling,” sparkling with countless tiny water droplets; the impressive natural rock formations; and living inhabitants like Pipistrelle bats, Cliff and Leopard frogs, and the Cascade Caverns salamander.

In the Cathedral Room, you’ll find a stunning 70-foot ceiling and otherworldly solution domes that are so symmetrical they look man-made.

Plan Your Cascade Caverns Visit

Basic tours of the Caverns last from 45 to 60 minutes. Adventure tours are two hours long, and Flashlight tours are over an hour. There is some crouching and stair-stepping involved in the tours, so keep that in mind for all members of your tour group. Call before you visit, as the Caverns are periodically closed due to flooding.

Interested in a unique camping experience? Cascade Caverns Camping offers a fun-filled family adventure just for you. The 103-acre oak hammock campground has plenty of amenities and is situated on the Caverns grounds.

To round out your experience in the Hill Country’s natural landscape, enjoy the nature trails around Cascade Caverns. Along the Live Oak and Texas Cedar trails, you can spot a variety of native wildlife including armadillos, golden-cheeked warblers, horned lizards, and ringtail cats.

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