Car Maintenance 101 – 3 Ways to Maintain Your Car

After a long day at work, there’s no better feeling than being able to jump in to the car and head just about anywhere you want, but all of your traveling adventures can leave your vehicle a little worse for the wear! As fellow car loves, we thought it would be a good time to share some car maintenance tips to help keep you car in shape so that you can enjoy trips together for many years to come.


1)   It sounds obvious, but the best thing that you can do to ensure a long life for your four-wheeled friend is to get it serviced on a regular basis. We’re not just talking oil changes and tire rotation, we mean the whole 9-yards – hoses, lights, exhaust, air filter, chassis lubrication, coolant, steering fluid, the works. It sounds like a lot of time, but taking car of your car before any issues arise will save you headaches, time, and money in the end. Need help remembering what to do and when?  Find a full service car maintenance app to help you keep track of what you’ve done, what you need to do, and when you need to do it.


2)   Store your car is a weather-appropriate place. You probably aren’t too fond of the 100 degree and up or 40 degree and under weather, and neither is your car. Sun will fade the outer surfaces of your car, while the cold weather will destroy vital engine components. We know that the garage gets filled up with all of the things your spouse doesn’t want in the house, but try to make some room for your car. Trust us, you’ll be happy you did.


3)   Give your car a day off every so often to have it cleaned inside and out. A thorough detailing will prevent dirt buildup and unpleasant smells, and will help to retain residual value. Try a bi-monthly or monthly plan to schedule half an hour on a Saturday to do a quick vacuum, wash, and wax, and feel confident that just that little bit of time will be worth it if you decide to sell.