A Boerne Road Trip

Boerne Road Trip

So, you want some time to be out of the house and get away from it all. But you don’t have days to drive to your destination. What are you supposed to do? Well, you can take a road trip without even leaving the Boerne area, and you’ll be able to hit some pretty cool spots. Whether you just want to go out for a half-day outing, or you’d rather get away for a whole weekend, there are plenty of cool places for you to enjoy right here in the Boerne area. Check out some of your best options, and get ready for an amazing local road trip.


If you want to get away without having to go far away, Comfort is a great option. This place is ideal if you want to shop for some antiques. There are several antique stores here, and you might be able to find something interesting to take home with you. You may even want to enjoy a wine tasting while you’re in town. One thing is for sure, though: You’re not going to get bored when you visit Comfort.


There’s also plenty to do when you make the drive to Waring. Head to a local steak joint, or try to catch some live music while you’re in town. And if you want to take some time to get out into nature, you can’t miss the Old Tunnel Wildlife Management Area. Oh, and while you’re there, be sure to stop by the Alamo Café and try one of the burgers there. It’ll be hard to find one that’s better in all of Texas.

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San Antonio

One of the great things about living in Boerne is the fact that you live so close to San Antonio, one of Texas’ largest and most interesting cities. And, as you know, there is always plenty happening there. Check out the River Walk while you’re there, and stop at Fiesta Texas too.

You’re going to have an amazing time exploring all these spots in Texas. But how are you even going to get around? You need a trustworthy vehicle from Toyota of Boerne in Boerne, Texas, before you head out on your adventure. Stop by our dealership first, and we’ll help you pick something perfect out.