Stretch Your Legs at These Boerne Outings

Boerne Texas Outings

Located only about 15 minutes away from San Antonio, Boerne offers a wide variety of things to do for visitors. Boerne has a rich cultural heritage due to the history of German settlement in Cibolo Creek over 160 years ago. This city has hot summers and mild to cool winters. It’s a great vacation spot because of its unique historic districts, shopping centers, natural attractions, and various cultural events held throughout the year, and also offers a lot for residents to see and do when they want to stay close to home and take in the local sites.

Cibolo Nature Center

If you’re a nature lover, this spot is perfect for you. The Cibolo Nature Center has over 100 acres of beautiful Hill Country trails and wilderness to explore. The hiking trails are not very strenuous and offer beautiful scenery of the Cibolo Creek. There is an education center which is informative especially if you are planning a field trip. This is a great place for kids to explore the unique marshlands, wetlands, creeks and the wildlife ecosystems surrounding it.

Cibolo Nature Center Boerne

Cave Without a Name

This actively growing limestone solution cave is one of the popular attractions in this town. The Cave Without a Name offers a glimpse of the natural stalagmites and stalactites formation in the cave by a tour guide. This cave can also be used as a venue to hold concerts or events. Since there are about 126 steps to the cave floor, you do need to have the physical ability to climb a lot of stairs.

Cave Without a Name Boerne

River Road Park

River Road Park is one of the top family-friendly places to visit in Boerne. Whether you’re looking for a pleasant stroll along the river, a place to exercise, or a location for a picnic, this is the perfect spot for you. The picturesque setting also serves as home to many ducks, geese, turtles, and fish. To make it a fun outing for kids, bring some bread to feed the ducks and geese.

River Road Park Boerne

Enchanted Springs Ranch

The Enchanted Spring Ranch has a “wild, west town” vibe that provides a rustic event space. You can enjoy a wagon ride around the meadow and observe animals all over the ranch. This place has an authentic recreation of an old Western town that is unique and fascinating to behold.

Enchanted Springs Ranch Boerne

Dienger Building

Take a glimpse of the history of Bourne town as you walk along the Hill Country Mile, a 1.1 mile long walking path that stretches from River Road Park to the historic Main Street. The Dienger Building is a historic building located downtown that has been completely renovated. Enjoy a grand tour through time as you walk through to observe this building’s preservation. It is wonderful that this building is now still being used as a hub for the community in this town. The building also has restaurants and shops.

Dienger Building Boerne

Bourne is definitely a gem that you don’t want to miss if you’re considering a vacation in Texas, and that you want to make sure you explore if you live in or around the area! There are many more attractions that are less well known that you can explore on your own, especially along the Hill Country Mile and other festivals held throughout the year. Jump into a vehicle from Toyota of Boerne and drive to one of these great locations today!