Supporting The Community: Boerne Community Coalition

Boerne Community Coalition

You love your community, which means you probably want to do whatever you can to make it a better place. But that can be difficult if you are all on your own. Instead, a better way to make a difference is by finding an organization that does amazing work in the community and then volunteer your time or give money. Looking for that perfect organization? Check out the Boerne Community Coalition. This group works hard every day to make living in Boerne easier for families who might need some help. Take a look at just some of the incredible work this organization does.

Summer & School Break Lunch Program

Many children in the area get their lunch from school. If they didn’t have access to a school cafeteria, they might not get to eat lunch. In fact, for some of these children, lunch is the only nutritionally adequate meal they have access to at all. So, what are these kids supposed to do during summer and school breaks? That’s where the Boerne Community Coalition comes in. It strives to make lunch available to kids across the area even when school isn’t in session.

Hearts of Love Weekend Food Bags

These same children encounter problems during the weekend. There may not be enough food in their homes for them to eat, and many would go hungry if it were not for the Boerne Community Coalition. The Hearts of Love Weekend Food Bag program makes sure kids in the Boerne area get the nutrition they need at the weekends. Now, this is a great program to be involved with.

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Pop-up Community Dinners

Food insecurity isn’t just a problem for the little ones. People of all ages struggle to make ends meet, especially when it comes to food. But with the pop-up community dinners sponsored by the Boerne Community Coalition, more of these people have access to healthy food. It’s difficult for people who are in an unfortunate situation to do what they need to do to improve their lives if they are suffering from hunger day in and day out, so these community dinners can really make a difference in many people’s lives. It’s a great way to help out if you want to do something positive for your community.

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