Amazon’s Top Products as Seen on Shark Tank

Shark Tank Products on Amazon

The Amazon Marketplace offers a wonderful buying experience for online shoppers of any age. If you enjoy watching Shark Tank, you may be familiar with some of the following products listed below. Here are some reviews of the top ten Amazon Products As Seen on the popular television show Shark Tank.

The EZPZ Happy Mat

If you are a Texas resident and have watched Shark Tank on ABC, you may be interested in buying this happy mat. It is usually considered to be for your child, but can often be used for many of your pets. If you are looking to buy a placemat, that will create less of a mess during meals; the EZPZ Happy Mat is the way to go. The mat sticks wonderfully to wood and granite surfaces, making it easy to wash, carry, and store, just as Shark Tank had stated. It is also perfect for kids who prefer sitting at the table than sitting in a high chair but who also aren’t ready for adult plates.

EcoNuts Laundry Items

The EcoNuts Dryer Balls are perfect if you have run out of dryer sheets and are looking for a different alternative to cleaning your clothes. These eco-nuts are perfect for putting a fragrance onto your clothes. Another great purpose of this item is its ability to cut drying time in half. This product is ideal for you if you are looking for a natural cleaning solution that does not add harmful fumes to your surroundings.

The CitiKitty

The best toilet training product for your cats on the market is the CitiKitty system. With the CitiKitty system, your cat is guaranteed to be potty trained after 3 to 4 months of regular use. Do you find this to sound too good to be true? Well, it is not. After a little bit of patience, and training with this product, you will see that there is no smell and no leftover litter over your hardwood floors. With this product and three months of training, a house that doesn’t smell of kitty litter is definitely worth it!

The ReadeREST

Whats great about The ReadeREST eyeglass holders is that they are both strong and sturdy. They have powerful magnets, which is important when holding the metal piece in place. With this product, you will never lose track of your glasses. The ReadeREST is perfect for attaching your glasses to your clothes so that you will never have to lose track of them.

The HoodiePillow

The HoodiePillow revolutionizes the world of comfort and relaxation. You put your hoodie on your head, zip it up, and you are in your own cozy world of relaxation. The best part of this product is that the hood is completely attached to the pillow case. The HoodiePillow is designed to block out sound, keep out the light, and also provide an enormous amount of comfort. Whats great about the design is that it is also phone accessible for anyone that is trying to listen to music as they relax. In addition to this, the HoodiePillow is ideal for use on an airplane. If you bring this pillow along with you, you can use it as a form of privacy.

The SoapSox

The SoapSox is perfect for your infants to have an enjoyable time while bathing in the bath tub. The SoapSox’s primary purpose is to be used as a washcloth and is supposed to be used as follows: You place a bar of soap, or liquid soap into the mouth of your SoapSox animal and then rinse it with water. The SoapSox is semi-permeable, which allows for the soap to pass through it while being kept inside of its body. The SoapSox comes in a variety of different animal styles, so it is great if your child has a favorite animal.

The Drop Stop

The Drop Stop is designed to keep small items out of the cracks of your car. Specific areas that the Drop Stop can be used include the sides of both front row seats, and the sides facing the front seat doors. The Drop Stop is made out of a hard fabric which when items drop, prevent them from falling between the cracks of your seats.


The HatchBaby weighing system is perfect if you have a newborn baby and are looking to track his/her weight. What’s great about the HatchBaby is that uses its built-in wifi setting to track your baby’s eating habits, as well as how much weight he/she is gaining. The HatchBaby is a smart-scale that measures the weight of your child and allows you to see the statistics on your handheld device.


If you want to learn how to play and strum a guitar correctly, the ChordBuddy is an essential for you. It’s great because it allows you to play different chords with ease and without any difficulty. Not only is this device great for learning the guitar, but it is also one of the most innovative devices, and it allows you to go at your own pace without any pressure added.


Nerdwax is used to prevent your glasses from falling down your nose. This is especially great if you have oily skin and struggle with keeping your glasses upright on your face. You simply apply the chapstick like product to the nose piece of your glasses and place the glasses on your face as you normally would. You can find this item on Amazon, and some eye doctors have even started selling it in their offices because it works so well!

SharkTankTV is often considered to be the brains behind many successful products on not only the Amazon marketplace but many others as well. If you are an avid SharkTank watcher, you will know that some of the products that are pitched and advertised can often sound ridiculous, but when put up for sale, can produce great profits for small businesses.


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