9 Ways You Can Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Tips Boerne, Texas

Are you looking for a new job, or trying to connect with other people in your industry? While there are still some individuals who haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, for most, LinkedIn is where you need to shine to make connections in the business world.  There are several ways that a person can improve their Linkedin profile. You may be thinking, “I am not looking for a job, I don’t need LinkedIn,” but if you are a business professional or even work in a volunteer capacity you could be missing out on fantastic resources and contacts by ignoring LinkedIn. LinkedIn is not just ANOTHER social media site; it is a Social Networking site for the Social Media age that we are in. You will not be bombarded with pictures of peoples cats, and you will find very little dramatic ranting compared to other sites because this is where everyone is connecting to professionals. This is why it is important to build or improve your LinkedIn profile to make sure that you shine! Luckily, there are several straightforward ways that a person can improve their Linkedin profile.

Number 1: Your Photo

You should make sure that you have an up to date photo on your profile. This needs to be just a picture of you. Therefore, it does not need to a group photo that you have cropped people out of. This is a professional headshot. Unless you work for a brewery, you probably don’t need to be out drinking or holding a beer in this picture. Imagine if you were asked to put a picture of yourself on your resume, this is the picture you would choose.

Number 2: Your Summary

It is necessary for you to have an excellent summary on your profile. It is important that it is too short or too long. All that you are doing is letting the world know who you are in just a few words.

Number 3: Your Headline

This should be very basic and only one thing that you want the world to know. Make sure to use relevant keywords about yourself. Keep in mind what all of the goals of your career is and write the headline based on what you are planning on doing.

Number 4: Your Groups

Joining a variety of different groups is important. This is because they are an excellent way to network yourself. You can find out about various employment opportunities, increase your visibility, and get advice from other people in your field. The groups need to relevant to your career or volunteer services that you are involved in. This helps to round out your profile and also contributes to build a better community for networking on LinkedIn.

Number 5: Your Publications

If you have any publications, it is a good idea to include them on your Linkedin page because you are not going to be able to put them on your resume. It is easy to add them to your profile and people are going to click on them.

Number 6: Your Connections

Connect with people you work with, past co-workers and other business professionals you know. If you find someone who is interested in the same field as you, then you can add them to your profile as a connection even if you do not know them.

Number 7: Your Honors and Awards

It is important to add all of your honors and awards on your page. This is particularly the case about things like being on the dean’s list in college. These are the things that employers are going to be looking for in their employees from Boerne, Texas.

Number 8: Your Skills and Endorsements

This is very important because it is where people can affirm all of the skills that you have. Once you have these endorsements, it is going to show the employers that you have the credibility. This is because other people are willing to back up those skills.

Number 9: Your Recommendations

Even though the skills and endorsements are going to be very important, the recommendations are going to be even more important since they are going to carry more weight for employers. These recommendations need to come from a former boss, colleague, or a college professor.

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