5 Tips for Buying a New Car

Enter ‘tips for buying a new car’ on Google search and over 15,000,000 results are generated – it can be overwhelming. The best advice is to consider these five “S”s for achieving an enjoyable buying experience.



– Personal evaluation: If your current vehicle is nearing 50,000 miles it is time to begin thinking about a new car. 50K miles is a value-point in determining trade value and also the when major repairs occur.

– Market Place: Many vehicle classes are affected by gas prices being high or low; Interest rates also fluctuate depending on attitude of lenders. Buy now or wait?



– Some experts say the best time is September; some say December but be aware most car makers offer incentives monthly to drive sales.

– Whatever the month, you will likely find a more eager salesperson in the final 10 days.



– A new vehicle is quantifiably your second largest purchase after a home, so do the math. Understand the variables that determine the savings:  actual new vehicle cost, actual trade-in value, current financing rates from dealers and lenders, even insurance costs to mention a few. The joy of a new vehicle disappears quickly if it blows your budget.



– Find all available data, specs and reviews on the vehicle you desire most. Websites of car-makers and individual dealers recognize that more shoppers are in pursuit of information and ‘user-friendly’ is the buzzword. Searching a dealer’s inventory online will show you where to shop for what you want.

– Search websites that focus on cost calculations to equip you with a true picture of what you can expect to pay.



– If several dealerships are convenient and have what you want, shop them – only ONE will end up winning your business.

– Shop until you  find a salesperson you like – the #1 reason people buy from any dealer is based on the customer/salesperson relationship.

– You can always contact one of our professional Toyota sales experts if you have any questions or need help finding your next new or used car.