4 Ways to Improve Gas Mileage in Your Toyota Tundra CrewMax

Toyota Tundra CrewMax BoerneGet impressive power from your Toyota Tundra CrewMax, but you will have to sacrifice a little gas to enjoy. In order to get the impressive power of a full-size pickup, these vehicles are notorious for having poor fuel economy. The Tundra is better than some, getting up to 15 mpg in the city and 19 on the highway. Even so, you will want to take steps to improve your gas mileage on a regular basis. Doing so can save you money and help the planet.

Get Regular Toyota Tundra CrewMax Maintenance

One of the easiest ways to improve your Toyota Tundra CrewMax’s fuel economy is to make sure that you stay up to date with regular maintenance. When everything is functioning correctly, you will notice an improvement in gas mileage. Some components, in particular, can make a significant difference, such as the mass airflow sensor.

Avoid Speeding in your Tundra CrewMax

As much as you want to feel the power of your Toyota Tundra, you should avoid the urge to floor the accelerator or speed in it if you want to conserve fuel. Experts say that once you get to 65 mph or faster, your gas mileage will start to suffer. You can avoid this by sticking to lower speeds whenever possible. Similarly, try to accelerate and decelerate smoothly instead of suddenly.

Maintain Proper Tundra CrewMax Tire Pressure

In addition to regular maintenance, you need to pay attention to the inflation of your tires if you want to improve your Tundra CrewMax’s efficiency. Whenever tire pressure is low, this increases rolling resistance, which uses more gas to move the same distance.

Limit the Weight

The Tundra CrewMax is a fairly heavy vehicle because of its size, which is part of the reason that it is among the least efficient Toyotas. That being said, you can improve fuel economy by reducing the weight your Tundra carries around. This can be as simple or involved as you want; at the very least, take extra supplies out of your truck bed when you don’t need them on hand. Every few pounds will at least make a slight difference.

The team at Toyota of Boerne in Boerne, Texas, can help you get behind the wheel of your own Toyota Tundra CrewMax and give you more tips to boost efficiency.