38th Annual Boerne Hill Country Spring Antiques Show

Hill Country Antiques Show
Do you love looking for antiques? Who doesn’t? It’s a great way of getting a glimpse into the past. If you want to look at some of the finest antique treasures, you have to make sure you attend the 38th Annual Boerne Hill Country Spring Antiques Show. This exhibition will... [read more]

Valentine’s Day Ideas for the Family

Homemade Valentine's Day items
Are you on the hunt for exciting Valentine's Day activities for the family? Consider adding these ideas to your list of things to do. Make Valentine Jars Fill up a jar with inexpensive candies. Then, decorate the jar with a personal touch. You'll need: Glass jar, your choice of candy, bakers twine, cupcake... [read more]

Taste Local Honey and Learn About Bees at Cibolo Nature Center

Honey from bees
Have you ever wanted to learn more about bees? After all, they play a major role in just about everything humans eat. If you want to find out more about them, you should attend the A Thirst for Nature Event: Bees and a Taste of Honey. It’s going to be... [read more]

The 2017 Vic Vaughan RHINO Award

Rhino Award
A sales excellence award for exceptional and lasting performance during a 12 month period "You put everything you've got into everything you do...You are a Rhinoceros! There is nothing you cannot tackle. Everything you do, you do it massively! From the minute you jump out of bed in the morning, till... [read more]